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Torrance, Long Beach and Airport Court Expugement Law

Contrary to popular belief, records of criminal convictions in Long Beach, Airport and Torrance Courts are not expunged automatically with the passage of time, but require the filing and granting of a Petition for relief by the Court.

Misdemeanor and felony convictions can usually be expunged. Once relief has been granted, you can honestly answer "no" to a question regarding criminal convictions in many circumstances.

All legal work is done by an Attorney team with 25+ years of legal experience and more than 500 successful expungement cases in Long Beach and the Airport Court.

We have successfully expunged a large number of criminal records in Torrance, Airport, and Long Beach Criminal Courts. The procedure can take from 10-16 weeks depending upon the Court, the complexity of the case, and how old the conviction is. Some delays can occur as this is a large county (Los Angeles) with limited resources dedicated to expungement processing.

Our fees are reasonable, and include the petition, court hearings, filing fees, and research. You will not need to appear in Court.

South Bay Courts are very good about granting expungement petitions, including reductions in felony cases. They are well-informed on the law and the rights of petitioners. For many years we had a very active criminal defense practice so are familiar with the Court systems.

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A California criminal expungement is a legal process that petitions the Court to review a conviction to determine:

  • If probation was successfully completed, or, if no probation was granted, a year has passed since the conviction;

  • That all fines, restitution and reimbursement ordered by the court has been paid;

  • That the petitioner is not now on probation for another offense;

  • That the petitioner has no new pending cases;

The Court then allows the petitioner to withdraw their plea or finding of guilt, enter a new "not guilty" plea, and order the case dismissed. You will receive a copy of the Court Order when your case is complete.


Most of our expungement services come with a money-back guarantee. Our fees are reasonable and competitive. Call 800 495 2819 or contact us through our site for a FREE Attorney / Law Firm consultation. This site is devoted ONLY to California Expungement Law and has handled more than 4000 California expungement cases over the past 25 years.